CTF Policies



All prices are listed in Canadian funds unless otherwise indicated. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Sales Taxes

  • GST/HST registration number R-106867260
  • QST registration number 1007810055

Residents of Canada are subject to tax at the prevailing tax rates as follows:

Exempt/GST only/HST/GST + QST

  Exempt  GST only   HST  GST
 Books   X    
 Breakfast/Lunch Meeting Registration fees X      
 Conference Binders X      
 Membership X      
 Online Learning X      
 Seminar Registration Fees X      
 Shipping and Handling   X    
 Subscriptions to Canadian Tax Journal     X X
 TaxFind Subscription Fees X      
 Webinars X      


CTF Website Transactions

All persons (members and non-members) desiring to register for an event, purchase a publication and/or pay membership or TaxFind® fees must be logged on to the CTF website. If a website logon has not been set up, the individual should click on the Log On button, click Create an Account and follow the directions on-screen.

All transactions processed via the Canadian Tax Foundation website must be prepaid with a valid credit accepted by the Foundation.


The Foundation accepts payment by cheque or credit card. Debit cards are not accepted. The following credit cards* are accepted:


* To protect the security of our members, the Foundation cannot accept emails containing credit card information (number, expiry date, security code).


System-generated purchase confirmations for registrations, publications, fee payments made via the CTF website are considered to be receipts. The Foundation does not issue tax receipts for the registrations, publications, membership or TaxFind®.


Membership in the Canadian Tax Foundation is open to all individuals who have an interest in its work and is valid for one full year from the application date. Payment must accompany the application. Membership is non-transferable and fees are non-refundable.

The membership expires at the end of the membership term. The Foundation allows a grace period of 30 days after the expiry date. During this time the member continues to receive benefits.

In the event membership fees are not paid by the end of the grace period, membership is cancelled. Membership may be re-instated by contacting ctfmembership@ctf.ca.

The Foundation offers several types of membership and rates that reflect the general career stages of the tax profession. To view member types and rates, click here.

Members are required to inform the Foundation of the following information:

  • Date the member stops being a student
  • Date the member begins practicing tax (Practice Start Date)
  • Date the member reaches 65 and qualifies for retired member rates

When a member transitions to a new member type, any applicable change in rates will be applied at the beginning of the next membership year.



Events organized by the Foundation are open to both members and non-members.


All attendees must register individually for Foundation events. Sharing a registration between two or more individuals is not permitted. Registration is not complete and cannot be confirmed until payment is received. Exceptions apply for events taking place in the province of Quebec.

Admission to Events

Admission to event sessions and functions is restricted to registered individuals wearing the official event name badge. The name badge must be worn at all times in order to participate in conference activities. The name badge cannot be shared with or transferred to another individual.

Registration Substitutions

Substitution is permitted if a registrant is unable to attend a conference. The registration may be transferred to another individual, provided the substitute has the same membership status as the original registrant. Requests for substitution should be submitted to the Conference Department (conferences@ctf.ca). The deadline for substitution requests is 5 (five) business days prior to the start of the conference. Substitution requests after the deadline must be made at the conference site.

Registration Cancellation

A registration may be cancelled by providing a written request for cancellation to the Conference Department (conferences@ctf.ca). The cancellation deadline is 5 (five) business days prior to the conference start date. Refunds for the registration fee less the applicable administration fee will be issued by cheque; please contact the conference department for details.

Refunds do not apply for cancellation requests received after the deadline. Conference materials will be sent by mail within 2 weeks following the conference.

Personal Information Consent

Information gathered during your registration to the conference will be used and disclosed by the Foundation for the purposes of administering the conference. In addition, a delegate list containing names, companies, email addresses, cities, and date of registration is produced, and is made available to sponsors, exhibitors, and others who may be involved with the Foundation who may wish to contact delegates regarding their activities. If you do not wish your name and contact information to be included in the delegate list and disclosed, please email us at conferences@ctf.ca immediately to opt out. For more information on our privacy practices, see our privacy policy.

Conference Photos

The Foundation photographs and/or video tapes events for our archives. These images may on occasion be published on the Foundation’s website for conference related purposes. Registrants who do not want their image published must notify the Conference Department (conferences@ctf.ca) at the time of registration.

Audio Taping

The Foundation does not permit the use of recording devices in any session.

Conference Sessions on Video

The Foundation video tapes conference sessions for post-conference viewing via the CTF website. Access to videos is automatically granted to individuals registered for the conference/event. Individuals who were not registered for the conference/event and wish to view the videos may purchase access separately.

Conference Materials

Conference materials are available in electronic or binder format. Electronic access via the Foundation’s website to conference materials is included in the registration fees. Conference materials in binder format are available for a small charge.

Douglas J. Sherbaniuk Research Centre

Loan Service (library to library) – Members only

The Centre has a loan service exclusive to members. Your firm or company library, information centre, etc. may request a copy of a publication from our stacks on your behalf. The loan period is one week. This term is renewable up to a maximum of three weeks if there are no holds on the item.

*Rare and historical books from our archival collection are excluded.

Personal loans

The Research Centre’s collection is composed largely of reference materials and can be loaned to you only through an established library. We are unable to process loans to member or non-members directly, but we can provide you with tables of contents from publications, and photocopies or printouts can be made for personal research purposes only.

Photocopying and printing

Photocopies and computer-printed pages are 20 cents per page (single- or double-sided) for members and 25 cents for non-members. The photocopier is not coin-operated. Research centre patrons are responsible for making their own copies.

Computer usage

Computers are available for your use and are equipped with Internet and Microsoft Office suite, in addition to a comprehensive collection of tax research databases. Usage time is booked for 30-minute periods but can be extended indefinitely if there is no queue.

Downloading or exporting data

Copyright law prohibits the downloading, exporting, or copying of digital information from commercial subscription databases (online, CDs, DVDs) in the Research Centre to external memory/storage devices and the transmission of copyrighted information via electronic modes (email, smart phones, tablets etc.).


Food and drink are not allowed in the Research Centre. Closed bottles of water are allowed, and you may use the kitchen on request.


We kindly ask that you DO NOT RESHELVE the books or other materials.

The Canadian Tax Foundation is not responsible for loss or theft of personal property such as laptops, cell phones, etc.

The Canadian Tax Foundation reserves the right to check your personal bags if the security gate alarm goes off during your exit. This is a standard procedure for everyone.

TaxFind® Online

The Foundation licences access to its online collection of CTF publications under its standard licencing agreement.  Licences are available in single- and multi-user formats for a term of 12 months from the date of purchase.  Licences renew automatically on the annual renewal date.  Licence fees are non-refundable.

Access to TaxFind® Online is restricted to the named individual who must be registered with the Foundation at the time the licence is purchased.   In the case of multi-user licences, the number of registered users cannot exceed the number of licences purchased, however, access may be transferred from one individual to another, if required.

As part of its ongoing commitment to promoting the understanding of the Canadian tax system, the Foundation provides access to TaxFind® Online at no charge to students enrolled in a recognized tax program.  Applications for access must be submitted in advance by the professor/instructor of the program.  Please contact taxfind@ctf.ca for more information.



All available CTF publications are listed on the CTF website.  Publications may be purchased via the website or by sending an order via email to ctfpublications@ctf.ca.  The following information is required for email orders:

  • Publication title
  • Quantity required
  • Billing address
  • Shipping address (if different)

Items Out of Stock

The Foundation endeavours to maintain a sufficient quantity of publications on hand to fulfill all orders on a timely basis.  In the event the website indicates that a publication is not in stock, a backorder may be placed by sending an email to ctfpublications@ctf.ca.  The item will be placed on back-order and the order fulfilled as soon as possible.

Order Fulfillment 

Orders received before 11:00 a.m. EST will be processed the same day. Orders received after 11:00 a.m. EST will be processed the following day.

Shipping and Handling

Shipping and handling charges apply to all orders. Rates are based on delivery location, total weight of the order, and shipping method selected.  Two shipping methods are offered:

  1. Canada Post Parcel service – allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery in Canada and the United States. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery outside North America.
  2. Courier service - next day or equivalent service depending on delivery location


The Foundation permits the return of books and publications within 30 days of the original order date.  Conference Binders in both formats – binder and USB are not returnable.

Returns must be preauthorized by the Canadian Tax Foundation.  Publications must be in excellent condition – unused, unsoiled and undamaged.  A 15% restocking fee will be applied.  The shipping cost associated with returning the publications to the Foundation is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Unauthorized books or publications returned in soiled or damaged condition will not be accepted for refund or credit.

On receipt of the returned publications, the Foundation will issue a refund by cheque equal to the purchase price times the number of units less 15% restocking and applicable taxes. Shipping and handling fees charged on the original order are not refundable.

To obtain preauthorization, complete the Publications Return Authorization form and send it via fax to the Publications Distribution Department in Toronto or via email ctfpublications@ctf.ca


Certain CTF publications are available in eBook format.  eBooks may be purchased via the website or by sending an order via email to ctfpublications@ctf.ca.

On receipt of payment, an email containing a link to the eBook is sent to the purchaser. Only the purchaser is entitled to download the eBook and must agree to the Copyright Statement to activate the download.

In order to accommodate multiple devices, eBooks may be downloaded a maximum of 5 times.  

Paid eBook orders are non-cancellable and non-refundable.

Subscriptions to the Canadian Tax Journal

The Canadian Tax Journal is published quarterly by the Canadian Tax Foundation.  The subscription year is January to December.  Partial year subscriptions are not accepted, however, individual copies may be purchased without a subscription. 

New Subscriptions

The CTF Subscription Order Form must be completed for all new orders. Subscription orders received after the first issue has been distributed will be back-dated to January 1st and any back issues will be sent on receipt of payment.  Unless otherwise requested, subscription orders received in November/December will begin the following January.

Subscription Renewals

The CTF issues subscription renewal notices approximately 6 weeks in advance of the renewal date.  Payment is required prior to the renewal date.  A copy of the subscription renewal notice should accompany payments made by cheque.  Payments must include the CTF ID# assigned to the Subscriber and the Subscription Agency (if applicable).  Payments received by the CTF that do not comply with these terms will be returned to the sender.


Non-delivery of an issue of the Canadian Tax Journal must be reported to the Subscriptions Department (ctfsubscriptions@ctf.ca) within 8 weeks of publishing date.  Claims will be investigated and replacement issue(s) shipped as soon as possible.

Subscription Cancellations

Subscription cancellation requests will be processed to take effect on the expiry date (December 31st) of the current subscription year. Subscription fees are non-refundable.

Standing Orders

The Canadian Tax Foundation accepts standing orders from libraries, institutions, companies and individuals for publications that are issued on an annual basis:

 Publication Title    Estimated Publication Date
 Report of the Proceedings of the Annual Tax Conference  September/October
 Regional Conference Binders
(also available on USB)
 Prairie Provinces Tax Conference  May/June
 British Columbia Tax Conference  September/October
 Ontario Tax Conference  October/November
 Atlantic Provinces Tax Conference  November/December

The Request for Standing Order form must be completed for all orders.  Orders may be changed at any time by emailing ctfpublications@ctf.ca.

Orders will be shipped automatically on publication until such time as written cancellation notice is received by the Foundation.

Shipping and handling charges apply to all orders. Rates are based on delivery location, total weight of the order, and shipping method selected.

Orders will be invoiced at the rate in effect at the time of shipment. The invoice will accompany the shipment.  Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date.

Returns of standing orders are not accepted.

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